Working Together for Better Earthquake and Tsunami Hazard Assessment

The North African Group for Earthquake and Tsunami studies, NAGET (formerly North African Seismology Group, NASG) was founded in 2000 at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. It is a collaboration of researchers from leading universities and research institutions in North Africa.

Mission: The mission of NAGET is purely scientific and aimed at carrying a clear transnational collaborative effort and enhancing the mobility of scientists within North-African countries.

Objectives: The main objectives of NAGET are:

a) To foster and coordinate advanced research in North Africa through bilateral and/or multilateral projects by putting emphasize on interconnections within the group and maintaining joint links with the international scientific community.

b) To make state-of-the art and reliable information on seismicity, seismotectonics, crustal deformation, seismic hazard assessment and seismic risk in North Africa available to scientists, from the community to the international level.

c) To organize training courses and advanced schools for researchers, focusing on young scientists, in order to disseminate and improve scientific knowledge in geosciences.

d) To organize outreach meetings in order to draw the attention of the decision-makers, the managers, the stake-holder and governmental agencies to the impact of seismic and tsunami risk in North-Africa and Mediterranean region as well.